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We provide excellent care

We schedule our clients on a one on one basis, meaning we see one client at a time.  This gives us the time and opportunity to perform a thorough evaluation and provide a detailed explanation of your condition.  You will learn about precautions, correct body mechanics and joint protection techniques, just to name a few.  Depending on your condition, you may need modalities for pain and inflammation which our therapist will provide.  Exercise plays a big role in your recovery.  You will be supervised during exercises on an individual basis to make sure you do them correctly and most importantly, safely.  As you get better, your exercise program will need to be adjusted.  By this time, we have been carefully tracking your progress and will adjust your exercises accordingly.  The whole time you are in our facility, you will have our full attention.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping our patients achieve their highest level of function in the shortest possible time through evidence-based treatments and individualized care. 

Experience the difference

Skilled Rehab is a therapist-owned company that puts quality of treatment over profit.  Most rehab companies utilize non-licensed personnel with no formal training in Physical Therapy.  These companies schedule several patients at the same time to maximize profits.  Their Physical Therapists are either forced to treat two or more patients at a time or are reduced to performing evaluations while the rest of the treatments are dispensed by rehab aides.

At Skilled Rehab, treatments are provided by licensed Physical Therapists, on a one on one basis.