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We schedule our clients on a one-on-one basis, meaning we see one client at a time. This gives us the time and opportunity to perform a thorough evaluation and provide a detailed explanation of your condition. You will learn about precautions, correct body mechanics, and joint protection techniques, just to name a few.  Depending on your condition, you may need modalities for pain and inflammation which our therapists will provide. Exercise plays a big role in your recovery. You will be supervised during exercises on an individual basis to make sure you do them correctly and, most importantly, safely.  As you get better, your exercise program will need to be adjusted. By that time, we will have been carefully tracking your progress and will adjust your exercises accordingly. The whole time you are in our facility, you have our full attention.



Experience the difference.

Skilled Rehab is a therapist-owned company that places quality of treatment over profit. Most rehab companies utilize non-licensed personnel with no formal training in Physical Therapy. These companies schedule several patients at the same time to maximize profits. Their Physical Therapists are either forced to treat two or more patients at the same time or are reduced to performing evaluations while the rest of the treatments are dispensed by rehab aides.

At Skilled Rehab, treatments are provided by licensed Physical Therapists, on a one-on-one basis.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping our patients achieve their highest level of function in the shortest possible time through evidence-based treatments and individualized care.


"I have had severe back problems since the age of 12 and have had Physical Therapy treatments throughout my adult life, never satisfied with the results, until 1998, at the age of 50! What occurred in 1998 was life changing for me, for that is when Skilled Rehab opened their practice in the Lutz-Land O' Lakes area in central Pasco County. I began my journey with them, which continues to this day. Dino Lontoc and his friendly, family run practice, will give nothing short of compassionate, individualized professional physical therapy, designed specifically for your needs. The best part is Dino or Beth, his wife, also a licensed physical therapist, will administer the treatments, ensuring the proper results. Debbie, Skilled Rehab's receptionist, will answer and arrange any scheduling/insurance concerns, and is always greeting you with a warm smile! Throughout the years, Skilled Rehab has provided the highest care to me and my family, as well as several friends who were indeed amazed at the results they achieved. I like to say, Skilled Rehab is the "GOLD STANDARD" for all your physical therapy needs!"

-Linda Barry

"This is my third need of Dino Lontoc's physical therapy services. I'm thankful that my rheumatologist has referred me to him as he has such an amazing understanding of the kinesiology of the body. I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Several years ago, I went to his facility for my upper back. I had been receiving nerve blocks in the neck. After seeing Dino, I had no need for anymore injections. Two or three years ago, my neck caused pain and burning that radiated down my shoulders and into the upper arms. He treated me and gave me exercises to help prevent and/or lessen those difficulties. Recently, I have been seeing Dino for an extreme sciatic nerve issue on my left side. It followed a fracture in my lower back. My rheumatologist first sent me to pain management because she thought the fracture was the problem. The pain management doctor prescribed a series of two steroidal injections spaced two weeks apart. After the first series, it felt better. However, less than two months later,the symptoms started coming back. When it was really bad, the only way I could walk was bending over at a 90 degree angle. I was walking looking at the floor. I had difficulty standing, walking or sitting. The pain management again recommended another series of those injections but they could only be done after three months of the last one. That meant for over one month, I had to tolerate pain while taking increased amount of narcotics. In visiting my rheumatologist and discussing it with her, she asked me if the pain management doctor had me do any physical therapy. He had not so she once again referred me to Dino. His staff got me in the next day. Dino showed and in-depth explained to me what was happening on the left side of my spinal cord and how along with the treatment I could help alleviate and prevent future flare ups. I have now been pain-free from this issue for about three weeks now without any invasive injections. I am so very thankful to my rheumatologist for referring me to Dino and to Dino for all he and his staff have done for me. He is the best! Even my rheumatologist told me that if she or one of her family members needed physical therapy, Dino would be her choice due to his knowledge and understanding of the body and how to treat it. Thanks again, Dino."

-Barbara Burnett

"Over ten year period of time, I have used Skilled Rehab, Dino Lontoc for various injuries and always with a successful and timely result. I will not succumb to surgery and working with Dino and team have been successful in this endeavor. Education is stressed during visits and you are treated with the utmost respect and caring. So refreshing to have an independent PT practice that is not affiliated with a hospital, clinic, etc. Strictly referrals from many happy patients!"

-Sylvia Berry

"Skilled Rehab did an exceptional job of helping me get back full use of my wrist and hand after I broke my wrist in a fall. Doctors said I may not get back full extension. Thanks to Dino and his staff, it is as if I never broke my wrist. I have no limitations. I would recommend Skilled Rehab to anyone."

-Betty Hughes

"Extremely happy with my physical therapy results at Skilled Rehab. Everyone in the office is great and the Physical Therapist is outstanding, very informative and caring to his patients. I highly recommend Skilled Rehab, Inc."

-Jessica Obenshain

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Our Advantages

Personalized Treatment
You will receive a full individualized treatment.
Licensed Therapists
Your treatment will be performed by licensed Physical Therapists only.
Experienced Staff
Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy techniques.
We accept most major health insurances
We verify your coverage including copays, deductibles, or pre-authorizations.

Accepted Insurances

We accept most health insurances.  Give us a call so we can verify your insurance’s Physical Therapy coverage.  Depending on your plan, we can find out for you if copay, deductible or prior authorization is required. We accept auto insurance as well in case of a motor vehicle accident.  Regarding worker’s compensation, we are a provider for most major worker’s compensation networks.

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